Creating a New Batch

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To create a new batch, click on the New Batch button.


Select the type of batch from the radio buttons at the top of the window i.e. Medicare, DVA or Other.



Note: Clicking on the Other radio button will display a list of account holders that have the Batch Process Invoices tickbox ticked in their account holder record in Open > Account Holders. eg. health funds/overseas students' batches.


In this example, we will click on the Medicare button. This makes visible a menu from which we can choose the Provider.

NewManualBatch ProviderSelect


Once a provider is selected, a Select Site menu appears, in case there are multiple sites with different provider numbers.


Note: If you are creating a batch for Other, then this menu does not appear, as it isn’t necessary to split the batch into different sites.


Once a site is selected, a field for the Batch No becomes visible.

NewManualBatch SiteSelected


For Medicare and DVA it is a good idea to use the batch numbers on the DB1 manual batch headers sent to you by HIC, or you can make up your own batch numbers. It is a good idea to make the batch number consist of 2 letters followed by 4 numbers, the first letter being the type of batch it is e.g. for a Medicare Batch use something like 'MA0001'. Make the next batch 'MA0002' and so on.


This will avoid any conflicting batch numbers if you move to HIC Online, where the batch numbers are automatically generated in the format of a single letter followed by 4 numbers.


Once you have entered a batch number, press Tab and you will notice that this batch number is applied to all the items in this list.

NewManualBatch ItemsShowing


If you are batching to Medibank Private, and you also do batches for Overseas Students, you will get an extra prompt:



If there are items that need to be withheld from this particular batch, highlight by holding Ctrl while selecting each item, and then use the Remove Highlighted or Keep Highlighted buttons as appropriate. Any removed items will appear in the next batch created.


For Medicare and DVA batches it is a good idea to Print List before saving, and mark off what is in your batch with your manual vouchers; the manual vouchers are what must be sent to Medicare/DVA.


The final step is to click on the Save button. This will print a Summary Sheet of all the items in the batch, and for DVA, a DB1 form for the provider to sign before the paperwork is mailed.


The New Batch window will automatically close, and the new batch will appear in the list of batches awaiting payment.